Wheeler Library is the cultural center of our community and the place North Stonington residents  gather for the discovery of ideas & the joy of reading.  Materials, programs and services for everyone. 

A donation to the library's Annual Appeal will help us continue to serve the town of North Stonington.

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Our January art exhibit - visit the library to see the works of North Stonington resident Merry Bliss. The exhibit, titled Before and After, will be up until February 11th.

Merry Bliss graduated from the University of Connecticut in 1977 with a BFA in Fine Arts.

Artist's Statement:

I joined a plein air group 4 years ago, starting in acrylics, and then moving on to oils, with new mediums. My earlier work was done on a much smaller scale. As awful as Covid Year One was, it because a very fruitful time for my painting. I started in the beginning of 2020, with a painting that pretty much expunged my fear. As I progressed through the months, I gave myself over to moments of extreme happiness, making a series of larger canvases, with scenes that showed a much bigger horizon. By December of 2020 I was at a level of calm. Before the Covid, and after. It has been very interesting to see how my energy grew.

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